The Wave factory special store has officially opened. Limited Time Special Offers

The Wave factory special store has officially opened. Our goal in opening the factory special store is to directly communicate with customers. Collect the latest feedback from customers so that we can develop more comfortable and better quality water sports products. The products we sell Including fins, swimming goggles, swimming caps, diving masks and other water sports products.
Fans and friends who like wave brand products can directly purchase limited-time limited special products to give back to fans from our factory store, and there are also free trials of new products, new product launch offers and other activities. For our fans, we will also have exclusive offers.
1. Opening bargain, 20% coupon, follow Facebook to get 20% coupon.
2. Follow Facebook homepage, enter Facebook group, 25% discount.
3. Free trial of the specified product, you need to write a review article or take a video. 50% off purchase, all cash back after verification by customer service staff.

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